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Dynamics of an Aging Genome

* Amalio Telenti, 1,2, * Brad A. Perkins, 1, * and J. Craig Venter, 1,2, *
1 Human Longevity Inc., San Diego, CA 92121, USA
2 J. Craig Venter Institute, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA
*Correspondence: [email protected] (A.T.), [email protected] (B.A.P.), [email protected] (J.C.V.)


Individuals may have a “genome burden”, which includes common and rare variant genes that accelerate aging through disease. Centenarians seem to live longer because they have a lower prevalence of these genes. “It is tempting to speculate that the dynamic process of decay of the somatic genome may be a stronger predictor of aging than hard-coded features of the germline genome.” The article fails to state what percentage of the population have common and rare gene variants.

Ideas Presented:

  • “Common” frailty gene variants are defined as being prevalent in at least 1% allele frequency.
  • Of the first 10,000 genomes sequenced, over 50% of gene variants are observed only once.
  • Around 1000 “essential” genes are poorly tolerant of any mutation.
  • 277 genes at GenAge ( are statistically more likely to be among the set of essential genes.
  • 4 genes in GenAge are specifically linked to aging in humans.
  • “We can speculate that all other genes in GenAge, identified through cellular/animal readouts, are less likely to be associated with ‘‘physiological aging’’ and more likely to be related to basic cellular mechanisms and functions.”
  • Another element of the genome burden is that the somatic genome also ages, undergoing macro and micro changes.
  • macro modifications include:
    - loss of an autosome in somatic cell lineage
    - loss of mitochondrial genomes
    - telomere shortening
  • Loss of Y chromosome was observed in up to 8% of individuals in a cohort of elderly males.
  • Micro changes (at DNA level), occur in blood, skin, neuron, and stem cell lineages. Changes can lead to somatic cell competition, where the fittest survive, including cancerous cells.

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